Thursday, December 4, 2008

Slowly we survive review

Music To Play Hide And Seek To
Reviewed 8.20.07

Three guys with one epic goal; “Slowly We Survive has their sights set on making the kind of music that will make you take a step back and say, so THIS is what its like to be alive.” While listening to the new EP 'Music to play hide and seek to', I can say that I experience a variety of intense emotion. By the end of the album my heart is racing and my muscles are weak. I feel ALIVE.

The 7 title EP melts together in the best way possible, one song complimenting the next. This doesn’t give your heart the chance to slow down- it keeps your adrenaline high. This disc has such a massive, heart wrenching sound that the actual lyrics aren't important, yet I still get the feeling of hope and passion and I can't help but think that is because my mind is digesting the lyrics more than I am consciously realizing. Talk about an intense musical experience.
Nick has a voice that makes me completely swoon like a teenage girl (and is reminiscent of Cedric Bixler-Zavala of The Mars Volta) and his guitar playing is absolutely psychedelic, Jordan’s clean and precise bass makes it easy for even a rhythm less person to catch the beat, Stefan uses his ENTIRE drum kit in every song, and we love it!

Prior to listening to Slowly we Survive I assumed I wouldn’t like them and they would sound novice. This assumption was purely based on my dislike for their band name and nothing more. I was COMPLETELY wrong, this band has taught me not to assume anything about a band just because I don’t care for their band name. (Which I shouldn’t be doing in the first place) After finally listening to the album for the first time I rushed over to the bands myspace and left a comment basically saying “Holy shite”. And here are my apologies for taking so damn long to come round!

Review by: Jacquee

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