Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Pale Pacific review

The quartet of Bellingham natives, who can't seem to keep a bass player, recently released their new EP; "Rules are Predictable". The guitarist of The Pale, Cameron Nicklaus, also doubles as a producer. The multi-talented guitarist recorded and mixed the new EP, and has had crucial roles in the recording and production of all of The Pale's albums. has been a fan and a good friend to The Pale for several years, this EP is not what a long time fan would expect or even possibly like. It took me a few times of listening to the full album, to get used to it. There is an air of new trendy rock with only a hint of the classic style of the band. Vocal distortion on "Identity Theft" demonstrates The Pale's "slip into hip". Their songs are a mixture of indie-pop and pop-punk. As awkward as that sounds when describing the known "power pop core-core" band, it is as clear and accurate of a description I can provide for their new material.

The new style gives the impression that the band has grown up and moved on since their last release in 2003. Lead vocalist, Gabe Archer, is singing more in the mid and lower octaves than on previous albums. Archer's voice is also cleaner and clearer on this album. Though this EP is not the style that may be expected of The Pale, it is extremely catchy, like most of their albums, and their musicianship and the bond as a band has strengthened and is apparent.

With a new bass player [Justin Harcus] in place, a copyright infringement behind them and a new EP, Northwest Bands Dot Com proudly introduces; The Pale Pacific.

review by: Jacquee
[ 04.16.05 ]

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