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Jaguar Love interview

Interview number 3
Jaguar Love

Interview with Cody Votolato of Jaguar Love

NWB: Where did the name 'Jaguar Love' come from?

Cody: Coming up with a band name is tricky. Almost anything you comeup with is going to conjure up different imagery for anyone who hears or reads it. Everything is a little too 'this or that'. As well, a band name ends up being really only associated with how a group sounds. Its hard though, because you dont want something totaly lameas well. If its easy to say and looks good written down then your ok. We had a list of all the names we could come up with, went through pain and suffering trying to decide, then chose Jaguar Love in the end. Johnny really wanted to use something with Jaguar and i really wanted to use Love. We just put em together and it fit.

NWB: Do you have any labels looking at you? Are you hoping to sign to a label or do things independently?

Cody: We have a label, but are sorting out the details so I'll have to get back to you on this one.

NWB: When do you plan to go in the studio to record a full length album?

Cody: We are going into the studio just after Christmas to record a full length. Hopefully it will be out in early june.

NWB: Will your current recorded songs (currently available to buy on be available on other sources such as iTunes, CDbaby, etc?

Cody: We've recently taken them down off the site because we are going to record the album. I haven't actually given any thought to the itunes thing, but our record will be available on iTunes I'm sure.

NWB: Both The Blood Brothers and Pretty Girls Make Graves had great success, do you feel any pressure to live up to your former bands' fame?

Cody: I definitely feel that there is pressure on us, but only pressure that is self-induced. No tangible pressure. Just our thoughts. It hasn't influenced how we write or anything though. We are starting from the ground up, so we are just trying to focus on writing songs that we think are good and fun to play. Its really exciting in the end. The pressure might sneak up on us every once in a while, but for the most part we are just enjoying writing music. We want to make a great and purposeful album. It will be nice if some or our previous fans come along and support it, but we are pretty realistic as well. Its not Pretty Girls, and its not Blood Brothers, so some people who love those bands might not like what we are doing now. Its totally understandable and just sort the way it goes when you start a new band.

NWB: What do you think about the recent evolution in downloading presented by Radiohead, do you think it will spread throughout the industry and remedy some of the illegal downloading?

Cody: This is a tough one. I have been thinking about it more and more and im not sure. I do think that its really cool that they would give the power to their fans to decide. It didnt really seem to stop people from downloading it for free tho. I read something that said only 37% of people actually paid something for it. Im wondering if this has only reinforced illegal downloading. It seems people already dont think that they should have to pay for an album and that the artist and the label dont need to get paid for their hard work and time or something. Im not sure if people just dont realize that they play a small part in a large world of downloading. One person downloading doesnt seem like much, but It really adds up. To me, Radiohead offering their album for whatever price someone wants to pay is cool because maybe they can afford it(even there i am assuming this). But what many people dont realize is that its not easy for most bands to record and go on tour and pay for all the things you have to pay for to be in a band. Its exspensive and hard for people to afford it. Its a very complex situation and we all wish we knew what to do. So im not sure if i think that it will help or reinforce illegal downloading. I do commend them for trying something new however. Somethings gotta happen and this has definitely got people who arent in bands or working at a record label talking. We will see I guess.

NWB: How long have each of you lived in Portland?

Cody: Johnny moved here early last summer and J and I moved here August 1st.

What's the most fulfilling part of being a musician/band?

Cody: We started at such a young age and its consumed so much of our lives. I can speak for all three of us when i say that its something we have always had to do and will hopefully continue to play for the rest of our lives. I really can't imagine never playing the guitar again.

Were your parents supportive of your decision to become a musician?

Cody: My mom supported it but never truly got what i was doing at first. It took some time, but now she is probably my biggest fan. It wasn't a conscious decision to become a musician either. It was just something i did as a kid that turned into something that would carry on to my adulthood. There wasnt even really any discussion about it. It just happened.

The band has already scored some amazing shows (such as the shows with Queens of the Stone age), do you have plans for a national tour. If so, what
time frame and who do you hope to tour with?

Cody: We will hopefully be touring next spring. No concrete plans yet but its going to happen.

Which member is most likely to win in a dance off?

Cody: Hmmmmm.....I think it would be too close for me to say. I'm picturing each one of us dancing in my head and it's really funny.

What other projects do you each have going on? Does one project take priority over another? (Neon Blonde, Crystal City Clothing...etc)

Cody: Right now, Jaguar Love is our priority. Crystal City is going strong and im not totally sure on johnny's plans for Neon Blonde are. J has a solo project hes been working on thats really good. There have been talks of getting some Head Wound City stuff going as well, but nothing concrete.

What has been your favorite concert that you've attended (and not performed at)?

Cody: Kris Kristofferson at the Moore Theatre in seattle.

Interviewed By: Jacquee

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