Thursday, December 4, 2008

Farwell addison review 2004

Farewell Addisons' debut album, A Summer Like This, is a compilation of soft melodic, power-pop driven songs. 'Sometimes' and 'September Days' display lead guitarist, Scott's matured guitar skills brilliantly, and is the edgier side of the album. 'Easier' and 'Everything we are', are two soothing songs that present Farewell Addisons' musicianship in a softer light.

This Skagit Valley band is currently working on the follow-up to their debut, as their fan base rapidly grows. This album so far consists of 4 tracks; Two Years Past, She Waits, The Loss of Me and Everything Will Be Okay, and is a demo for the up coming full-length album. Each song is considerably more intense and raw than any song off of their first album. The band , as a whole, has matured immensely, and it is obvious in each tune. Track 4 , 'Everything will be ok', shows the joint talent of bassist, Carl and drummer, Rhett. Together they create a tight background enabling Scott's guitar riffs to have a bolder sound.

Front man; Jonathan Warman, has become a stronger vocalist, and has turned down the rhodes and acoustic guitar and is heavier on the electric, giving the band their new rock feel.

We can only hope that Farewell Addison will continue to stay on the path they are on, providing fans with a diverse catalog of music, as well as performing high-energy shows. They should have a busy, challenging, adventurous and fun musical future ahead of them.

::review by:: Jacquee

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