Thursday, December 4, 2008

Brian Fennell (now in Barcelona) review

Brian Fennell : 2005 Release, Safety Songs

Young, talented, fun and handsome. Such a mixture only needs one more ingredient added before it can brew an utter seattle indie pop success; more exposure.

Brian Fennell released his debut album after many months of anxious waiting, on October 21st. The album is titled, Safety Songs and is a 10 song masterpeice. You can hear the emotion and passion that built each song through Fennell's rich voice. It's not difficult to lose yourself in his music, live or recorded, he has an amazing way of pulling you in.

Brain has excellent tone and range, and knows just when to use his higher octaves. He doesn't show off, but when he does use those higher notes it makes his songs so much sweeter. When I hear his voice start to change into the next octave in the middle of a word, I have to close my eyes and take it in as purely as I can. Without visual distractions I can allow my mind to create images that capture his music in a graphic way.

With help from a dear friend of Fennells, Brian Eichelberger, the albums' transitions between songs are graceful and seamless. The quality of the recording and mix allows each musician on the album to shine, as they should.

A little pop, a little indie and even a little funk and a lot of talent, Safety Songs is in the top 10 of most impressive albums I’ve received by a local musician in the past year.

:: review by Jacquee. Oct. 22nd 2005

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