Thursday, December 4, 2008

the fitness show review

Vera Project :: 01.15.05

Ms. Led left the stage after playing their catchy, melodic Green Day-esque set. The lights at Vera Project came on while the next band, "The Fitness", prepared to pump you up with their semi-unique, 80’s synth & drum machine retro comeback originals, which didn’t really sound all that original. Most of their songs reminded me of Berlin’s “The Metro”, but with lots of unintelligible yelling. It was as if I was listening to many different versions of the same song. Later in the set they added an abrasive, lo-fi, distorted guitar or two to change it up a bit, but overall I wasn't that impressed. They redeemed themselves somewhat and really got the crowd shaking with "Chauffer", a catchy celebrity-worship-themed song which has been making the rounds on local radio stations. Their rendition of 80's metal band Motley Crue’s “Shout at the Devil”, was a crowd pleaser to the all-ages crowd who, ironically, probably didn’t know it was a cover tune. All in all, the songs were catchy, but with the lack of musicianship and one-dimensional sound, I can't see The Fitness being more than a one hit wonder at best.

review by: Alysin Crase

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