Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mutemath interview

Interview number 2

Interview with Paul Meany of MuteMath

NWB: After seeing the amount of physical damage (9 stitches) that Darren suffered at your Seattle show at Neumos, I began to wonder; What's the worst injury a member has suffered during the beautiful chaos that is- a live Mute Math show?

Paul Meany: That probably was the worst. Although there has been a lot of physical mishaps that led to more emotional injuries.

NWB: Responding to fan mail and creating personal video blogs on you tube creates a unique bond with fans that a lot of other bands don't have- do you feel this has become an extension of the marketing and promotion for Mute Math or are you just a bunch of guys that really like video taping each other and putting it on the internet?

Paul Meany: So basically your asking me if we like promoting our band or are we just creepy. How bout a little bit of both.

NWB: With your growing visibility and fan base you're able to tour with larger known bands, which band has been your favourite to tour with so far and who would you like to tour with in the future?

Paul Meany: It's not who you tour with but who you tour for. As long as there are some people in the audience we'll be in for a good time.

NWB: The energy that you present on stage is infectious, your audiences must be as insane as you at times; what has been your most intense fan interaction at a show?

Paul Meany: I remember this one guy at a show in Nebraska who heckled us the whole time in between songs but positively. I sincerely couldn't figure him out. He would not shut up about how wonderful he thought the show was going as it was going. We were just caught in between feeling flattered, patronized, and annoyed. But it did make for quite an entertaining show.

NWB: If you weren't in an amazing rock band, what other career would you choose to invest your time in?

Paul Meany: I'd make suitcases.

NWB: As a band, what are your goals and aspirations- have you reached them?

Paul Meany: When Mutemath becomes an official word in the Dictionary, then we will have achieved our goals.

NWB: Will your forthcoming album be in the same vein as the first or should fans be prepared to be shocked and amazed by a new suit and style?

Paul Meany: Yes.

Thanks for the entertaining answers Paul! Looking forward to the next show!

Interviewed By: Jacquee

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