Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Lonely Forest CD release show was...


Sticking with their friendly nature, the boys of the lonely forest were roaming around, talking to friends, family and fans throughout the show. John was outside talking to people in the line before doors were open- the second time I saw John he was standing on one of the landings of the stair well at the vera giving everyone a high-five as they passed. He said to me; "My goal tonight is to talk to everyone that comes." That is one of the things I really love about this band. They are 4 mellow dudes who don't really think they're 'that' cool.

I bumped into John a few times and he was really anxious- and as usual, he couldn't keep still. I made a bet with myself: John has a ton of adrenaline tonight, he is going to break something. At the end of the first song John let loose, darting around the stage then accidentally hitting the mic stand and his keyboard, sending them both into the faces of the crowd. The crowd pushed them back onto stage and John checked to make sure the piano still worked. "It still works!" he said after hitting a couple keys. There were no more near-breaking incidents during the show.

As I mingled with the many close friends at the show, I was blown away by the larger amount of people I DIDN'T know. The Lonely Forest is a band I've been friends with and worked with since before they were The Lonely Forest and it is so cool to look around at their shows now-a-days and the bulk of the audience isn't their friends and family. They have officially become pretty damn popular!

Their set was electric, the audience was eating it up, they were tight per usual and promptly after ending their set the crowd screamed for an encore! This album will do amazing things for The Lonely Forest- I am very proud of them and happy to have been able to see them grow.

Love you boys!

Rock N' Roll Recap:

Tony got stitches the day before in three of his knuckles
The Anacortes high school choir sang on 3-4 songs
There were cookies passed out to the crowd by Tony during the encore
There was an encore
John's keyboard ended up crapping out before the end of the night
There was a lot of swooning/giggling from teenage girls when ever John would talk/burp on the mic
They played WSBHBWA, my favourite song
Eric wrote PIMP on my hand... thank you eric
98% of people knew all the lyrics to 'we sing in time'
John's vocals coming out all robotic in Tony's monitor. It was only happening in his wedge- weird.

[The Lonely Forest 'We Sing The Body Electric' CD release 04.22.09 @ the Vera Project, Seattle WA]

p.s. will add more later! I am blogging at my brothers house waiting for guests to arrive for his b-day party and they're starting to get here!

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