Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fuck you Bellingham

Dear Bellingham,

Why does your music scene suck so much? Hm? I have tried time and time again to give you a good talking to and you run out of the room with your fingers in you're ears, screaming "LALALALA Can't hear youuu!".
If only you'd give me the chance to tell you WHY you suck. Maybe it won't be as brutal as you think. And maybe you will grow into a tiny version of Seattle. Wouldn't you like that Bellingham? Even a little?

Then listen the fuck up. Be more professional. Book more local bands (NOT just ones from bellingham). Book less crappy funk/hip hop bands. Recognize your demo. Be more professional (yes I said it twice...). Be less arrogant and cliquish. Be BETTER than you are now.

Now on to more important cities... such as Seattle.